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Riding for 15 years

Taxi Prestige Châteauguay was created in November 2009. Over the years, the company has built a team of trusted drivers. Most of them still work today and remained after the brand was integrated into the Téo Taxi portfolio.


In Châteauguay and the surrounding areas

Completing the majority of its journeys in Châteauguay and connecting the city to the airport, the team of drivers knows its regular users well and maintains a true mission of local transportation for the community.



Towards a greener future

Following its integration into the Téo Taxi group in 2022 and in response to climate challenges, Taxi Prestige Châteauguay drivers are encouraged to gradually switch from thermal energy vehicles to hybrid or electric ones.

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It may not necessarily be a Taxi Prestige Châteauguay that picks you up but a taxi from one of our other companies as we send you the available taxi most quickly in your area.