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We help our clients find the best transportation solution tailored to their needs. Are you overwhelmed by the logistical organization of your transports? Do you need to react quickly to emergencies? Are you concerned about the lack of time or staff to achieve this? With our logistical expertise and agility, our taxi services for businesses ensure peace of mind for the transportation of your patients, employees, or clients.

Services tailored to your activity

Long-distance travel

Our logistical expertise and our ability to adapt our service offer allow us to guarantee a comfortable and safe journey for all our customers. 

If you wish to cross the Canada-US border, you must imperatively mention it when you order the service. An authorized driver with a valid passport must be assigned to this type of transportation.

You can book the service ahead of time by contacting our call centre directly. A driver will meet you at your departure point at the scheduled date and time. 

If you book a long-distance service planned in advance with a call center agent, it is possible to agree upon a fixed rate for the duration of the ride. 
**This type of agreement requires a contract to be signed by the customer and driver beforehand 

How to benefit from long-distance service?

Contact our call center directly at 514-836-0000, option #1 

Do you work in the healthcare sector?

  • Different accounts according to your transportation needs


To order your taxi coupons
  • Introduction to an account manager
  • Coupon ordering


quickly place taxi orders for your employees or clients by phone
  • Introduction to an account manager
  • Coupon ordering
  • Simplified taxi ordering by phone (direct line) protected by a password or by the information of your choice
  • Possibility to add multiple authorized users to book rides
  • Possibility to save "favorite" addresses


manage taxi orders online with ease and autonomy
  • Introduction to an account manager
  • Access to the transportation management platform
  • Online taxi or adapted transport ordering
  • Possibility to have multiple accounts (teams/services) and platform users
  • Simplified operation tracking thanks to the dashboard
  • Ride history
  • Reports
  • One invoice at the end of the month and all invoices accessible on the platform
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.
  • We create amazing digital products.

For charge and Netlift accounts:

  • Monthly billing
  • Administration fee of 7.5% of the monthly invoice amount total (minimum $20)
  • A security deposit of $650 is required to activate the account
  • Free Netlift for the first year or 1 year if you already have a charge account and switch to Netlift!

Netlift, a simple, quick, secure and centralized way to manage all your transports 


A simple online platform to transport your clients, employees, or patients

  • No need to call: book taxi rides online
  • No need to buy and manage taxi coupons: you pay for the rides taken
  • No coupon fraud: the fare amount is the amount billed to you

But also :

  • An overview of your transportation orders through a clear and well-organized dashboard
  • Traceability of all trips and changes made
  • A 92% reduction in administrative processing time
  • All your invoices in one place. Reports on your data, your rides, and more!

Why riding with us?


Account creation, definition of your needs, adapted services: they are here to manage your requests and make sure your transportation needs are fully met. They are your privileged contact point for any questions or changes concerning your account.


Put your trust in Quebec's largest taxi company and its 2,000 drivers. With a variety of vehicles, they are also trained for certain specialized services.


Téo Taxi has a team of logistics and planning professionals to help you organize your transportation needs. Our Netlift platform also gives you greater automation and autonomy when placing orders. 


Our accounting team and the Netlift platform make life easier for your financial teams.

Questions about our taxi services for your business?