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Become a taxi driver

Join the largest gang of drivers in Quebec



More than just taxi!

Motivated by a vision of a greener future, in partnership with our drivers, we are building the largest fleet of electric taxis in Quebec.

Téo Taxi is not just a taxi brand, or a group of taxi brands, it's a mission, a way of life. The drivers of the Téo group are committed. They participate in all kinds of events, they offer a memorable customer experience, and they embody eco-responsible values.

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A solid structure to support you and ensure income

Get on board with the largest taxi dispatcher in Quebec

The Téo Taxi group relies on over 100 years of experience! Established in 2015, the group integrated Taxi Diamond, an historic figure in the taxi industry in Montreal, in 2016. With around 2,000 drivers spread across the island, Greater Montreal, Laval, Châteauguay, and Gatineau, Téo is the largest taxi dispatcher in Quebec.

Whether you drive an electric, hybrid, or traditional vehicle, whether you want to work with a classic or professional clientele, provide adapted, collective, or school transportation, everything is possible with Téo!


The best of both worlds


Be free, but supported in your activity


Membership, training, and technical support teams

Whether you are already a taxi driver or not, you can join the Téo group. Our expert teams will guide you through the process and provide you with all the tools to start your activity.

We assist you in acquiring or updating the equipment necessary for your activity. You receive, among other things:

  • a taxi dome,
  • a credit card payment machine,
  • a digital tablet with riding management software and navigation,
  • a SIM card with data (reserved for your activity) 

If you encounter problems with your equipment, you can contact supervisors or come to the Téo office to be assisted by the technical and IT service.

Don't have an electric vehicle? We work in partnership with Weeve (previously Louelec) to enable you to rent one thanks to their advantageous subscription options. 



A call dispatch center operating 24/7

Agents on call duty take turns offering non-stop course dispatching. Bookings are also automatically taken via the mobile application, the online booking module, and our platform for businesses.


A quality team and supervisors for you and your passengers safety

Supervisors and some drivers participate daily in the smooth running of rides. Roaming the streets of Montreal, they can quickly assist a driver whose tablet is down (an essential tool for receiving courses from the reservation center), for example.

Supervisors ensure the safety of drivers but also that of customers by verifying that the vehicles are compliant and that the drivers' behaviors are respectful and adapted to the service they offer. More information on our commitments to security and service quality.



Sales and marketing teams for more business

The nature of the driver work can vary depending on your ambitions and skills. Some drivers prefer to drive on private contracts in the hospital environment, others prefer "long-distance" trips or, conversely, recurring trips in a small area. There is something for everyone.

Our sales and customer success service ensures that corporate or public contracts are won and retained. Our marketing team ensures the visibility of the company and promotes services in different ways to stimulate public orders as well.

Driver recruitment is currently on hold.
But you can join our waiting list.


To become a driver with one of our banners, you can choose between two options: joining our fleet with your own vehicle or renting a vehicle owned by a taxi owner.



By joining the Téo Taxi group, you are participating in an ecological project that revolutionizes transportation for tomorrow and proudly contribute to this initiative.



We provide you with the latest technologies and a team of experts who will support you at all times to ensure your safety and professional development.



Being self-employed allows you to take control of your schedule.


We are committed to give all our drivers a sufficient volume of activity so that they can earn a decent living from their activity. We are always seeking new business opportunities and like to offer drivers new services. For example, drivers who agree to have a digital taxi dome receive additional income from the advertising revenue generated.

How to become a driver

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Before filling in our form, you must have all the necessary permissions from the SAAQ (driver and vehicle).
For more information on this, you can refer to our FAQ.

Ready for departure?

Driver recruitment is currently on pause, but you can still sign up for our waiting list.


I'm not a taxi driver, can I become one? How do I obtain an authorized driver's license? Can I join the Téo group with my own vehicle?

Being a taxi driver is...

More than just a job, it's a rewarding social experience. To enjoy your daily routine, you must love driving regardless of the conditions, enjoy interacting with people, and be independent and resourceful.

As a taxi driver in Montreal, you transport both its residents and the millions of tourists who flock to our streets every year. Sometimes, you are the first point of contact for tourists upon their arrival. Whether it's the first or the 100th trip one of our clients takes with one of our banners, we want the service to always be top-notch.

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Being a taxi driver means being free to set your own schedule but being responsible for the safety of the people getting into your vehicle.