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Medical transportation


Employee mobility, patient transport, and equipment delivery are logistical aspects shared by hospitals. Taxi companies within the Téo Taxi group offer various services compatible with healthcare infrastructures.


Tailored to the healthcare sector

We help our clients find the best medical transport solution tailored to their needs. Are you overwhelmed by the logistical organization of your transports? Do you need to react quickly to emergencies? Are you concerned about the lack of time or staff to achieve this? With our logistical expertise and agility, our services ensure peace of mind for your patients, employees, or clients care.

Patient + employee transportation

Non-urgent medical transportation

The demand for non-urgent medical transport (NUMT) is increasing faster than the available supply. With regulated budgets, the medical community expects greater productivity from its providers: to do more with less.

Téo's services, through the Netlift platform, allow synchronization with appointment systems, traceability of routes, and financial transparency in managing the thousands of taxi and adapted transport trips by medical facilities.



Equipment delivery

The delivery of medications, samples, and medical equipment must be carried out by authorized carriers or drivers operating a fleet of vehicles.

Regardless of the type of vehicle dispatched, the medical sector must be able to centralize, optimize, and track all requests. Significant gains are made when an overview allows for better distribution of orders, as is the case with a charge account or Netlift.

Why choose the Netlift solution?

  • Different accounts based on your transportation needs


Quickly place taxi orders for your employees or clients by phone
  • Assigned account manager
  • Voucher ordering
  • Simplified taxi ordering by phone (direct line) protected by a password or other chosen information
  • Ability to add multiple authorized users to book rides
  • Option to save "favorite" addresses


Manage taxi orders online with ease and autonomy
  • Assigned account manager
  • Access to the transportation management platform
  • Online taxi and adapted transport ordering
  • Option to have multiple accounts (teams/services) and platform users
  • Simplified operations monitoring thanks to the dashboard
  • Ride history
  • Report generation
  • Single monthly invoice and all invoices accessible on the platform
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For both Charge and Netlift :

  • Monthly billing
  • Administration fee of 7.5% of the total monthly invoice amount (minimum $20)
  • Netlift for free the first year or during 1 year if you already have a charge account and switch to Netlift! 

Deployment steps

The process begins with a thorough analysis of existing tools and procedures to understand your requirements and goals. Next comes the programming and customization phase of the platform: creating accounts and access, configuring features. Finally, once the tools are deployed, our customer service remains available to assist you and adjust your tools as needed to meet the evolving needs of your teams.


Needs assessment
Technological tools programming
Netlift tools deployment

Opening a Netlift account

Manage all your transportation quickly, simply, and centrally with Netlift

An effective online platform for medical transportation booking

  • No need to call: book taxi rides online
  • No need to purchase and manage taxi vouchers: you pay for the rides taken
  • No more vouchers fraud: the amount of the ride is the amount charged to you

But also:

  • An overview of your medical transportation orders through a clear and well-organized dashboard
  • Traceability of all trips and changes made
  • A 92% reduction in administrative processing time
  • All your invoices in one place, reports on your data, your movements, and more!

Biological specimens transportation

Other services