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Changing the world, one mile at a time

In partnership with our dedicated drivers committed to making our customers' lives easier, you will be served by the largest taxi fleet in Quebec.
Resolutely focused on service quality, the taxi banners of the Téo group are committed to your comfort. Our goal is to make every trip a memorable moment in our customers' day.

With our Téo Taxi banner and its 100% electric vehicles, we are actively committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. We believe in electric power and are motivated to electrify as many taxis as possible in Montreal.

In 2030, Téo will be a key player in people and goods mobility wherever it is established, deeply rooted in Quebec communities and 100% electric.

Transporting you in Montreal since 1922


Our story


Taxis have been riding in Montreal since 1909, and it was in 1922 that the Diamond Taxi association emerged. Even before its acquisition by Taxelco in 2015, Taxi Diamond was already the largest taxi network in Montreal and a true reference, as seen in some films.

It was in 1967, the year of the Montreal World's Fair, that Taxi Hochelaga came to town. The company developed mainly in the eastern part of the island.

In 2015, Taxelco was created and brought together the newly acquired Taxi Hochelaga company and Montreal's first electric taxi brand, Téo Taxi. The following year, the group was pleased to welcome within its ranks Taxi Central Beloeil and the historic Taxi Diamond.
At the beginning of 2019, marked the end of the 100% electric brand Téo Taxi. Ahead of its time? Certainly! But still firmly convinced that the future of taxis and sustainable urban mobility lies in electric taxis, the team had only one idea in mind: to relaunch the brand! And it's with renewed energy that Téo Taxi restarts in the fall of 2020!

2022 was marked by 2 main events:

  • The acquisition of a new taxi company: Prestige Châteauguay, allowing us to transport people even further out the center of Montreal.
  • The acquisition of Netlift, a technological startup created offering a complete enterprise mobility solution. Although carpooling was abandoned last year, the logistics platform allowing companies and healthcare facilities to organize taxi rides and adapted transports for their clients and patients are still offered to our professional clients to best address their mobility challenges, simplify their transport ordering, and prevent fraud.

In 2024, Taxelco and all its taxi banners come together under the name Téo Taxi, but it is together and with you that we continue the journey!

5 taxi companies

1 transport logistics platform for our professional clients

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We know that collaboration is not just a means to achieve our goals: it is our foundation. Together, we create opportunities to learn. 


Our commitment to ecology is deeply ingrained in everything we do. We are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future by reducing our ecological footprint and adopting environmentally friendly practices. 


We believe in a corporate culture where fairness is at the heart of every decision. At Téo Taxi, diversity is celebrated, inclusion is promoted, and every individual is valued. We strive to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow, contribute, and thrive, regardless of their background, gender, or journey.


For us, the success of our clients is our greatest achievement. Every innovation, every initiative is guided by the desire to create an exceptional experience. We measure our own success only through the satisfaction and success of those we serve.


At Téo Taxi, innovation is our driving force. We embrace change, push boundaries, and are constantly seeking new ways to create, inspire, and exceed expectations.

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View all the cab journeys you have ordered: completed rides, those in progress and your scheduled rides. 

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