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Are you lacking school transportation in your area?
Need more flexibility?

Our experienced drivers have been trained to provide safe and professional transportation for your children to and from school.
You benefit from a personalized booking mode, either day-to-day or in advance, according to your child's school schedule.



Trip planning in advance


Fixed fare, communicated in advance


Safe, fast and flexible transportation


Possibility of having the same trusted driver for your repeated trips

How much does it cost?

This is the price for a private school transportation trip, regardless of the distance traveled.

OUR ADVICE: Find another family in the neighborhood to split the costs, for example.

Our priority

  • Drivers are responsible for checking the condition of their vehicles and keeping them clean every day.
  • Our roadside inspectors conduct constant checks on vehicles and compliance to traffic regulations.

Please note :

You will need to create a "business" charge account to be able to order your school transports.
A deposit of $650 will be required, and account administration fees apply (7.5%).

To order occasional private school transportation, contact our specialized services at 438-469-0366 (for Taxi Prestige Châteauguay, call 450 699 1999).

Let's have a chat?

For more information on private school transportation, contact our team!