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What is collective taxi?


The collective taxi service is a form of public transportation offered in less busy or hard-to-reach areas. It complements the offerings of regional transport companies where it's not possible to implement regular bus services.
We operate trips with the STM and STL and serve several areas on the South Shore as well as the North Shore of Montreal.


➜ Booking in advance: You can make your collective taxi reservation 24 hours in advance, or even a week in advance. This helps us plan transportation and travel efficiently.
Accessing public transportation near your home, even in isolated areas: The collective taxi service allows you to travel beyond the areas served by traditional buses. If the routes match your needs, that's perfect, otherwise, for a specific trip, we can accompany you in a traditional taxi.
Paying for your trip with your Opus card: If you have an Opus card with an appropriate subscription (especially AB or ABC zone), you do not have to pay any extra!
Contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions: With predefined routes and multiple passengers throughout the journey, it ensures avoiding the use of individual vehicles.

How much does it cost?

Bring your Opus card for paid circuits and follow the steps of the reservation form (below) that applies to you carefully.


⚠️ EXO

As of July 1, 2024, we no longer provide the Exo collective taxi service. To book Exo transport, click here.