Electric taxis in Montreal

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How does Téo work?

Téo Taxi is accessible 24/7 via the mobile application or by hailing a cab on the street!

Type in the address

Where would you like to go today? Enter your departure address, then your destination address in respect of Téo’s coverage zone, which is all of Greater Montreal.

Chose a Vehicle

Chose a cab service according to your needs; with our affiliate fleet, you can now order a Taxi Diamond or Taxi Hochelaga if Téo’s electric fleet is too busy.


Order a taxi and track its path in real time on the map. Uncover your driver’s name and face before he even gets to your door.

Get in

Bonjour, Téo Taxi is here! Get on board of the green vehicle and live the Téo experience. No need to get your wallet out: the payment will automatically go through the application.

Become a driver

Téo wants the very best for its drivers. Take the wheel and join a community that’s building the taxi industry of tomorrow while protecting the planet.

turnkey solution

Do you dream of having your own vehicle? Becoming an owner has never been so easy! Our capital lease program allows you to start working straight away and hassle-free!


As a Téo driver, you’ll have access to the latest technology, a fully maintained fleet of vehicles, and the support of teams who are there to ensure your safety and professional growth


By joining the Téo community, you can be proud in the knowledge that you’re making a difference and taking part in a made-in-Montreal project that’s driving the future of transportation.


Save up to $ 100 in fuel per week by driving electric, while enjoying the comfort, luxury and high technology that the 2020 Soul EV has to offer. Also benefit from all the advantages offered to electric vehicle drivers.


  • Téo makes my life easier.... I don't need to call or stop a cab in the street as everything is done in the app. After using many apps theirs is actually fast and easy to use!
    Oh and service feels more like limousine than the traditional
    taxis but for the same price
    Francis-Olivier Gravel
  • The only taxi I’ll ever order in Montreal! The app is very easy to use and reliable (travelers: a great app to have!) the drivers are super friendly! Not only it’s the same price as a regular taxi, Teo taxi has eco friendly car with free WiFi! I love Teo Taxi!
    Alice Quach
  • I've used Téo taxi over a hundred times or more in the last year and a half. I love that I can actually talk to a driver and also have no greenhouse gas emissions. We need more EVs.
    Looking forward to hundred more rides.
    Eric St-Pierre
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