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SINCE 2015

Navigating the streets of Montreal in electric vehicles

At Téo, we’re committed to transforming the daily lives of our customers and the world, one kilometre at a time.

Motivated by the vision of a greener future, and in partnership with our drivers, we’re building the largest fleet of electric taxis in Quebec.

Firmly focussed on quality service, Téo aims to be the benchmark for on-board experience and professionalism in the taxi industry. Our goal is to make every ride with Téo a memorable moment in our customers' day.

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in Quebec


1 242 631 KG
of CO2 avoided since 2020, thanks to your Téo rides!

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It may not be a Téo Taxi that picks you up, but a taxi from one of our other companies, as we send you the first available taxi in your area.