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More than 100 years of history

SINCE 1922

The Taxi Diamond association

The association was founded in 1922. At that time, the company had only 7 members. The fare per metered trip started at $0.05.

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Taxi Diamond : a Montreal landmark 

Before being acquired by the Téo Taxi Group (formerly Taxelco) in 2016, Taxi Diamond expanded in Montreal by acquiring several local taxi companies (Candare, Taxi Veterans, etc.)
Like the yellow cabs in New York, Taxi Diamond was an integral part of the Montreal landscape and culture! Taxi Diamond is mentioned in several Quebec films, such as "Les Boys," for example. Today, it is still the most prominent taxi fleet in the city, but Montreal taxis are mostly recognized for their welcoming "Bonjour."

Multiple technological revolutions

Due to its longevity, Taxi Diamond has experienced all the major changes in the taxi industry. In 2010, the company was the first to integrate a GPS call dispatch system and accept debit and credit card payments through a small onboard computer.

Towards a greener future

Following its integration into the Téo Taxi group and in response to climate challenges, Taxi Diamond vehicles are gradually transitioning from thermal energy to hybrid and 100% electric.

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