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A bit of history

Taxi Central Beloeil has been operating locally since a couple of decades. In the early 2010s, the company was acquired by Taxi Diamond and then became part of the Téo group in 2016.




In Beloeil and the surrounding areas

Historically present in Beloeil, the company also offers its services in McMasterville and Saint-Hilaire. With a modest size, the company and its drivers transport you and provide quality service.


Towards a greener future

Following its integration into the Téo Taxi group in 2016 and in response to climate challenges, we encourage Taxi Central Beloeil drivers to gradually replace their thermal energy vehicles with hybrid or even electric cars.

Order a taxi

Order your taxi by phone, online, or through our Téo Taxi mobile app.


Estimate your ride price


This price is an estimate (standard car, no congestion, etc.) and is not guaranteed.

Our services

Our other taxi companies

It may not necessarily be a Taxi Central Beloeil that picks you up but a taxi from one of our other companies as we send you the available taxi most quickly in your area.