Téo is at the heart of the solution for a sustainable world

By boarding one of our electric cabs, you take care of your ecological footprint while shopping local, without paying the big price.


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Téo Taxi is an electric cab service in Montreal at the heart of the solution for a sustainable world.

Téo embodies the Optimized Ecological Transport. Using innovative technologies and electric transportation, offering better working conditions to its drivers and a strong focus on customer experience, Teo taxi’s mission is to transform Montreal’s taxi industry. To make environmental liability a strong core value for our everyday actions and use technology to improve our users experience; here are some goals which Téo never loses sight of.


Since its launch in 2015, Téo Taxi helps make Montreal a vibrant and pleasant city to live in. Because of our users, Téo’s electric fleet has travelled more than 19 million kilometers and impeded the emission of 4060 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The company also hires nearly 500 drivers who enjoy good employment conditions, a guaranteed income, a consistent schedule and paid vacations. That says a lot about the environmental sensitivity of this company, established right here in Quebec.


For the same price as a ride in a traditional taxi, climb aboard one of our electric cabs and help make Montreal a greener city!

Download Téo Taxi application available on iOS and Android, create your account, enter your destination address and your payment mode, and you can order your electric taxi. Only a few clicks are enough to make a difference!

Téo’s regular coverage area is located in the city center of Montreal. However, Téo can drive you anywhere in the Greater Montreal area, from the south limit of St-Jérôme on the North Shore to Chambly on the South Shore, including Montreal-Trudeau airport. Your electric taxi can also pick you up somewhere in the Greater Montreal area and bring you all the way to the city center or at the airport.

Téo Taxi’s corporate service offers a wide range of interesting benefits for companies, including a simplified and centralized handling of your account’s expenses and a Greenhouse Gas Emission report. Reduce your enterprise’s environmental impact and say goodbye to spending accounts by registering your organization now.


  • Téo makes my life easier.... I don't need to call or stop a cab in the street as everything is done in the app. After using many apps theirs is actually fast and easy to use!
    Oh and service feels more like limousine than the traditional
    taxis but for the same price
    Francis-Olivier Gravel
  • The only taxi I’ll ever order in Montreal! The app is very easy to use and reliable (travelers: a great app to have!) the drivers are super friendly! Not only it’s the same price as a regular taxi, Teo taxi has eco friendly car with free WiFi! I love Teo Taxi!
    Alice Quach
  • I've used Téo taxi over a hundred times or more in the last year and a half. I love that I can actually talk to a driver and also have no greenhouse gas emissions. We need more EVs.
    Looking forward to hundred more rides.
    Eric St-Pierre
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