Who is Téo?

Téo Taxi is an electric taxi service in Montreal. With its 100% electric fleet, Téo is at the heart of the solution for an eco-responsible world.

The company embodies the Optimized Ecological Transport. Its mission is to offer a highly personalized green service that stands out by focusing on interactivity with the customers.

Téo is a technological company that creates jobs and helps make Montreal a great place to live! The story of Teo is being written every day!

Découvrez Téo Taxi à Montréal

Montreal-based Téo Taxi is a fleet of electric taxis that offers a solution for an eco-friendly planet

Since launching in 2015, Téo Taxi’s electric fleet has released nearly 4000 tons of CO2 LESS than Montreal’s conventional taxi cars. This compares to the work of nearly 100,000 trees! We think it says a lot about the eco-friendly values ​​of our connected, reliable transportation service, available 24/7, all year long.

Need a taxi in Montreal? Order a Téo Taxi via our easy-to-use app and you’re all set!

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