Corporate account

Taxelco is the largest fleet of taxis across the province. 

4 subsidiaries to serve you better.
Every day, we help customers find the best transport solution, tailored to their needs.

Are you overwhelmed by the logistical organization of your transport? Do you have to react quickly to emergencies? Worried about the lack of time or staff to do this?

Reputed by our logistics expertise and our agility, our services provide you with peace of mind in supporting your patients, employees or customers.

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Medical services

  • Paratransit with sedan or accessible van (reduced mobility, all types of disabilities)
  • Transport of patients affected or potentially affected by COVID-19
  • Transport of patients with non-urgent medical condition to an emergency service
  • Recurrent and planned transport of patients to medical appointments (eg: hemodialysis)
  • Transport of medical staff to different sites
  • Biological specimen transport
  • Internal messaging transport

Regular services

  • User transport
  • Transportation of employees

Specialized services

  • Door-to-door service (PPP)
    • Patient support
    • Transport of biological material
  • Long distance transport
  • School transportation
  • Hotel shuttle
  • One night event

Collective transport - taxi

  • Collective transport is the integration of a taxi fleet into a public transport circuit. We therefore work with cities and their local public transport network.

The advantages of doing business with us

  • A large vehicle capacity thanks to 1,400 qualified drivers
  • Quality of service audited every day
  • An agile, diligent planning service available 24/7
  • Integrated invoicing according to a regulatory price at the taximeter, by the hour or fixed
  • Several options for managing your rides, reservations and usage reports

Business Solution Account

  • The business solution is now offered to you free of charge. Did you know that this technological tool can greatly facilitate the management of your transport?

What is the Business Solution?

  • It is a platform accessible online or directly through your company account in the Teo App. To access it, you must have an active charge account with Taxelco. If you wish to confirm that your account is still active or wish to open one, complete the form above.

What are the functions of the Business Solution?

  • Manage your users and guests
  • Classify your transport by department
  • Establish one or more transport restrictions
    • Reservation period, an employee will only be able to book within the targeted times
    • Price rule, how much an employee can spend in a given period
    • Frequency rule, how many rides an employee can do per period
    • Location rule, what are the areas where an employee can book (from, between, to)
  • View your current reservations and your booked ride history
  • Generate usage reports at all times
  • Order, reserve or cancel your rides directly in the App or via the online platform


They trust us

Sustainable transportation

Do you have a sustainable development policy in place? Did you know that the 38% of the GHG emissions are caused by the transportation sector in Quebec? At Taxelco, we are committed to electrifying the taxi industry.

Téo Taxi, our 100% electric fleet, is growing day by day and by replacing your traditional means of transport, you are helping to encourage the conversion of drivers.

Support the eco-responsible conversion of taxis in Quebec. Teo is at the heart of the solution for a healthier world.

By getting on one of our electric taxis in Montreal, you are doing an eco-friendly gesture while supporting a local business and local people, without paying top dollar. In collaboration with our partner drivers, Téo is the promise of a courteous driver, an impeccable car and above all zero CO2 emissions.

We look forward to starting our collaboration with you and putting all our expertise at your service. We are confident that we can meet the challenges that lie ahead, and are ready to implement an effective support solution.

All Taxelco vehicles are equiped with a bulkhead separating the front and rear of the vehicle, following the recommendations issued by the INSPQ.

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