Téo Taxi at Montreal Airport

Whether you have the opportunity to travel occasionally – or for frequent business trips – take a Téo Taxi from Montreal Airport or to get there. The Téo Taxi service commutes 24/7 between the airport and downtown to simplify your life, while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our beloved city


Benefit from our flat rates to travel from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport to the city center (and vice-versa). These rates are the same as those of regular taxis, which are fixed by the Commission des Transports du Québec. Be careful, however, to check that the destination address is in the fixed-rate zone established by the Quebec Transport Commission. 

Greater Montreal

3.50$ initially
1.75$ per kilometer
0.65$ per minute

If your departure or destination address is located outside of the city center, the regular fare per mileage will be applied, for a minimum of 17,45$.

City center


Téo travels back and forth between the airport and the city center to make your life easier, while also contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emission in our precious city.

Exceptional services

Kiosque en Libre Service chez Téo Taxi à Montréal

Kiosque libre service

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Teo Taxi lounge in Montreal


It is between the national and international arrivals that you will find the Téo Taxi Lounge at Montreal airport. During peak hours, our agents are happy to help you order a taxi to go to the city center. No one is there when you arrive? Don’t panic! Log onto the free Wi-Fi and download the Téo Taxi application. This way you can order an electric taxi as you are comfortably seated on one of our benches. You will also find USB sockets to charge your phone!

Tesla X - Teo taxi fleet


Select the vehicle best suited to your needs, between the Tesla X and Tesla S that seats 4 passengers and their suitcases, or the Kia Soul and Nissan Leaf which fits 3 passengers and 2 suitcases.

Teo taxi airport

Get in and leave

The app will also show you the estimated arrival time of your Téo at Gate 28. This is where you will find your vehicle and driver right in the reserved area. Welcome aboard !

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