Are you organizing an event? Trust us with the transport logistics for your guests and clients. Conferences, Shows, Festivals, Tournaments, Office parties, Weddings. Our 24/7 dispatch team will coordinate the mobilization of vehicles required for your transportation needs.

Do you have an unconventional event project or concept in mind? Contact our sales team to discuss it: [email protected]. Our agile and flexible team can help you evaluate the feasibility.




A valet ensures the management and availability of taxis onsite. He or she anticipates the needs and secures the customers. 

Fees apply for cancelling less than 5 days before the event. 

Rates (minimum 3 hours):

  • 200-299 guests: $75/h (1 valet)
  • 300-499 guests: $140/h (2 valets)
  • 500+ guests: $195/h (3 valets)


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