Estimate a Teo Taxi fare

For the same price as a regular cab, Téo Taxi offers you a whole lot more:

  • courteous drivers
  • super-clean cars
  • free Wi-Fi on board
  • USB charger
  • edutainment tablet on board
  • and… best of all, zero carbon emissions!

Téo Taxi driver in Montreal

Use Téo Taxi and avoid unpleasant surprises on the way or at your arrival. The price of a ride with one of our electric cars is the same as that of traditional taxis. Thanks to our user-friendly app, you’ll get an estimate of the price for the ride before you even board the car!

Being picked up in our regular service area located at the center of the island of Montreal? Your ride will start at $3.50, to which $1.75 per travelled kilometer will be added. If our driver has to wait for you, $0.65 will be billed for every minute passed without the pleasure of your company.

Do you have a Téo Taxi promo code? If so, open the app, click on the main menu and select “Promo Code”. You can then add your promotional code where indicated. The amount will be deducted from your next ride.

Enjoy our shuttle service to and from the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport. An electric taxi ride from Downtown Montreal or the Old Port cruise terminal to the airport – and vice versa – will cost you exactly $41 before tip.

With Téo Taxi, no need to take your credit card out of  your wallet. Simply enter the numbers in our app settings and the ride will automatically be charged once you’re dropped off. It’s also up to you to decide – before the end of the ride – of the tip percentage you wish to leave your friendly driver. You can even set a default tip rate which would apply to all of your rides. Enter a Téo Taxi promotional code that will allow you to immediately save on the price of your ride. A detailed receipt will be automatically sent to you through email. Once at your destination, you just have to leave the car, and we’ll see you on your next trip. Please make sure you don’t forget your phone!

A ride with Téo Taxi will not cost you more than any conventional taxi, but think about the benefits. With us, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled service, courteous and stress-free, in a reliable and safe car. You’ll get a clean seat, reliable WiFi connection, access to a USB port and an entertainment center at your disposal. As a bonus, your ecological footprint will be almost non-existent, as our electric fleet doesn’t emit any CO2. What a way to combine fun and eco-friendliness!

Coverage area

Téo Taxi’s pickup area is located at the center of the island of Montreal. From this "regular service" zone, we will take you to - and from - any destination in the Greater Montreal Area, which extends from Saint-Jérôme on the North Shore to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on the South Shore. At a flat rate of $41, we'll take you from Downtown Montreal or the Old Port cruise terminal to the Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport (or vice-versa). A ride departing from the airport to a destination other than the two described above starts at $17,45.

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