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Customer comfort is at the heart of Téo Taxi's professional services. This is reflected in our carefully hand-picked drivers who all want to make a change. Why not join our team that makes this Montreal-based company a real success!


Téo is an eco-friendly company. Its fleet of vehicles is 100% electric and its drivers are employed, which gives them social benefits - a first in the industry! Join the team that helped made this Quebec company a real success, for the benefit of the people here.

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Teo has the well-being of his drivers at heart. Take the wheel and join the community that builds the taxi industry of tomorrow, while taking care of the planet.

Enjoy your life on and off the job thanks to regular schedules (full-time or part-time—your choice!) and a wide range of benefits, including paid leave and annual vacations.
As a Téo driver, you’ll have access to the latest technology, a fully maintained fleet of vehicles, and the support of teams who are there to ensure your safety and professional growth.
By joining the Téo community, you can be proud in the knowledge that you’re making a difference and taking part in a made-in-Montreal project that’s driving the future of transportation.


  • Question
    Is it mandatory to have a class 4C driver’s licence to apply for the Téo driver’s position?
    No! You can apply even though you do not hold a class 4C permit. If your application is retained and you don’t have the class 4C, Téo assists you up to the acquisition.
    How much does it cost to acquire the class 4C on a driver’s licence?
    The administrative fees charged by the SAAQ are of $ 26.60. This includes the price of the exam as well as the issuance of the new driver's license with class 4C.
    Is the employment income taxable?
    Yes. In order to know the hourly income you will be making after the income tax at source, we invite you to verify with your accountant. It is also good to know that the electric taxi driver job is a salaried employment, where we remunerate our drivers each week.

    Will I be managing my own schedule?
    Yes! If your application is retained, one of our team members will show you the different schedule alternatives and will choose which suits you best.
    How much will I be paid to work as a Téo Taxi driver?
    All of our drivers have a fixed minimum wage of $15 per hour, including an hourly salary of $12,50 and a guaranteed tip of $2,50 per hour. Know that as a result of our drivers’ excellent customer service, the majority of them make more than $16 per hour!
    How long does the Téo Taxi training last?
    To teach our drivers the basics of the job, our future Téo drivers are asked to follow a 35-hour paid training before picking up their first client. The training is twofold: It begins with a theoretical web seminar on our platform followed by an in-person training with certified personnel.
    How easy is it to commute to our service centers?
    Our service centers are easily accessible via public transit. The one in Pointe-Saint-Charles is at a walking distance from the Charlevoix metro station on the green line. Our service center downtown is directly accessible through the Berri-UQAM station (green, orange and yellow lines).
    How does it work with the tip granted by the clients?
    Téo Taxi ensures their salaried employees a fixed minimum wage of $15 per hour, including an hourly salary of $12,50 and a guaranteed tip of $2,50 per hour. If you accumulate an inferior tip during your shift, Téo Taxi will provide a compensation to assure the guaranteed wage. If you earn a tip superior of $2,50 per hour, this amount will directly go into your wallet.
    Why work as a Teo Taxi driver?
    It’s simple: Teo Taxi, we’ve got you covered! The electric car, the uniform, the communication device, the navigation system, we even take care of the overall maintenance of our taxis. And it goes without saying that we’ll take care of the fees necessary for the 4C permit and we will pay you for your training. A job literally hassle free!
    What measures do you take to ensure your drivers’ security?
    At Téo Taxi, we have the safety and well-being of our employees at heart. All our vehicles are equipped with a camera for the safety of our drivers as well as our customers. In addition, there is no manipulation of physical money made by our drivers. Our drivers can always contact our dispatchers, who are also present 24/7, for any problems they encounter during their work.
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Our Drivers

Ride in our electric vehicles
Sophisticated technological systems
Get behind the wheel of one of our electric vehicles and enjoy their comfort; a quiet drive with no vibrations, an efficient dashboard, as well as heated seats and steering wheel for colder winter days!
Safe work environment
Téo Taxi offers its drivers the safest working environment. With our innovative systems and the operational technician team with whom you are in continual contact, you will drive through the streets of Montreal in safety and security.


Designers, mobile developers, customer service reps, fleet managers, and specialists in human resources, finance, marketing and more. At Téo, we’re reinventing urban transportation and revolutionizing the customer experience. Are eco-friendly solutions, innovation and social responsibility right up your alley? Come work with us and be part of this exciting project, designed by and for Montrealers.
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