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Why Choose Téo?

With Téo Taxi, you can easily and rapidly order a taxi for the same price as a regular cab. Download this taxi app and say Bonjour to Téo!


Order a Téo Taxi in only a few clicks through the easy to use application.


Téo’s electric taxis help reducing greenhouse gas emission. While travelling aboard Téo, your ecological footprint will be close to zero.


35 hours of professional training, judicial background check, security cameras inside all vehicles… You are safe aboard Téo Taxi.


Téo Taxi’s fares are the same as regular taxis. Additionally, Téo does not inflate its price when demand increases. We promise; there won’t be unpleasant surprises during peak periods.

What our clients say

Étoiles jaunes

rino scarsella

"First time user and experience was great. Clean car and the driver was friendly and professional. Had my default tip at 15% but able to change it on the fly. Seeing how far out the cab was and seeing it on the app it was very accurate."

Christian Monobe

"Very good service. This app gives you the approximate time the taxi will come to your location. Plus, you can have a ride in a Tesla car, which is awesome."

Étoiles jaunes


"Love this firm and the app. Drivers always are very polite and provide excellent service. They show up and you don’t get charged recklessly like I have experienced on a number of times on another popular app based, non taxi company."

Jude Lab

"Whenever, wherever, in Montreal, you need it Téo Taxi is there in a few minutes! And the best part is that all the drivers are friendly and professional. Moreover all their vehicles are environmentally friendly. I strongly recommend them."

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Pay the same price as a regular taxi
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